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Why Choose Optic Ammunition Shop To Grab A Glock 17

At #Opticammunitionshop Our Designed for professionals, the GLOCK 17 is depended on through regulation enforcement officials and navy employees around the world due to its unsurpassed reliability, most effective mag potential of 17 rounds within side the well-known mag and its low weight.  Buy Glock-17 Online with the signature “Safe Action” cause device, the GLOCK 17 nine mm Luger pistol is secure, clean, and quick – exactly what you want in vital conditions. The 9mm Glock 17 is the maximum broadly used regulation enforcement pistol global and is one of the quality promoting handguns to civilians withinside the USA.

Reliability and ease have made GLOCK G17 Semi-Auto Pistol one of the maximum broadly used sidearms in regulation enforcement global. The GLOCK G17 is a vast carrier pistol, taking pictures the 9x19mm pistol cartridge (9mm Parabellum), a wellknown navy spherical that is clean to locate ammo for anywhere.  The GLOCK 17 is a short-flinch operated, striker hearthplace pistol. Buy Glock-17 Online, the Safe-Action cause device makes taking pictures in confused conditions infallible. The most important body of the GLOCK semi-computerized pistol is built of high-electricity polymer this is proof against shock, caustic beverages and temperature extremes.  The milled metal slide and the barrel are handled with matte black Tenifer end for intense resistance to put on and corrosion. Buy Glock-17 Online, the GLOCK G17 Semi-Auto Pistol is an ultra-dependable handgun that is simple to discover ways to function and maintain, making it an excellent desire for self-protection, whether or not it’s fin the field, at home, or on duty.  The version G17 comes with wellknown 17-spherical magazines or 10-spherical magazines that observe diverse town or country regulations on mag potential. Order Now #Opticsammunitionshop

Features of Glock-17

Favored for regulation enforcement global

Short-flinch operated, striker hearthplace pistol

High-electricity polymer body

Steel slide with Tenifer end

Safe-Action cause device

Impervious to corrosion

Integral accent rail

White-dot the front sight

White-bracket rear sight

Fieldstrips without tools

Comes with 2 magazines

Details and Specs:

Buy Glock-17 Online, The GLOCK G17 Gen4 9×19 Pistol functions a Modular Back Strap layout that helps you to personalize the grip to suit your hand length without changing the grip perspective and the Safe Action device, Buy Glock-17 Online, which includes three independent, computerized safeties that assist save you accidental firing.  The pistol is made with a chilly hammer-cast barrel with a Nitration completing technique and has a strengthened polymer body with Gen4 tough-textured technology.

Benefits of Glock-17

Reinforced polymer body with Gen4 tough-textured technology

Accessory rail lets in for modular mounting of taking pictures accessories

Double movement with 17-spherical mag potential

Cold hammer-cast barrel with a Nitration completing technique

Magazine has a reversible, enlarged capture that may be modified quickly

Dual flinch spring assembly

Modular Back Strap layout helps you to personalize the grip to suit your hand length without changing the grip perspective

Safe Action device includes three independent, computerized safeties to assist save you accidental firing


Trigger pull (lb.): 5.5

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Action: Double

Product weight: 22.05 ounces (unloaded); 31.ninety two ounces (loaded)

Manual Safety: No

Product length (in.): 7.95

Style: Pistol

Magazine potential: 17

Barrel length (in.): 4.49

Caliber: 9×19

Rifle Ammo Type: Centerfire

What’s withinside the Box?

Wire brush

3 magazines

Glock G17 Gen4 9MM Full-Sized 17-Round Pistol

Owner’s manual


Grip panels

Poly rod

Important Product and Safety Information

Buy Glock-17 Online , We propose the usage of protecting eyewear every time the usage of or close to the usage of this item.

You should be a resident of the country decided on for a discrete delivery.

Please notice you can Grab A Glock From Opticsammunitionshop with or without a legitimate US authorities issued ID and associated firearm paperwork.

Firearms bought on line are shipped for your nearby Academy Sports + Outdoors as decided on withinside the checkout technique.


Safe Action System

Polymer Frame

Consumer Item Height-2.5

Consumer Item Width-9.25

Consumer Item Length 10.five


Age Restricted-21

Consumer Item Weight-fifty four


Width-nine.25 Inch

Weight-fifty four Ounce

Consumer Item Depth

Height-2.five Inch

Length-10.five Inch

Buy Glock-17 Online, The G17 Gen4 keeps the Glock accent rail for accent attachment. This G17 Gen4 version has a black body with black slide, constant sights, 5.5-lb. cause pull, and a 17-spherical potential.

Best 9mm Glock Model

Glock- 17 Gen4

There’s a motive why the Glock- 17 is a regulation enforcement favorite.  It’s accurate, weighs much less than 1.five pounds, and springs with a 17-spherical mag.

Buy Glock-17 Online because when it involves self-protection, you’ll have a difficult time locating a higher standard gun that packs the preventing power, accuracy, and potential of the Glock 17.

Here are a number of the brand new functions and improvements brought to the Gen4 G17:

More competitive grip texture.

Dual flinch pin for much less flinch and greater accuracy.

Adjustable backstraps.

One of the largest court cases that humans have had approximately Glock handguns is the uncomfortable handle. Buy Glock-17 Online, However, the creation of backstraps has helped make coping with the Gen4 plenty less difficult than its predecessors.

Why it’s exceptional?

The G17 became cautiously designed with the assist of navy employees, aggressive shooters, and regulation enforcement officials. Their treasured enter is one of the most important motives why the G17 is dependable, accurate, and clean to handle.

Buy Glock-17 Online, It’s an exceptional all-round gun and is ideal for everyone in search of a 9mm for self-protection purposes. 

Why is the Glock 17 Gen 2 a Good Choice?


Finger Grooves

The loss of finger grooves is still a large promoting factor for the second one era Glock 17 for the reason that  generations after it covered them and aren’t snug for everyone.


Buy Glock-17 Online, It’s a recognised truth that Glock triggers get higher with age as they’re used. Since those pistols are now no longer in manufacturing they are able to most effective be observed at the used marketplace and consequently will already be labored into a few extent.

Safe Action

The secure movement striker hearthplace device may be very secure. There became an trouble with the sooner fashions probably discharging while dropped however for the reason that employer addressed the issues there’s little want to fear approximately protection problems anymore.


Reliability and sturdiness had been a staple of the employer seeing that day one. These pistols have been advanced for navy carrier and that culture required them to provide a product that could be capable of carry out in damaging situations without having to fear if it’ll quit.


The barrels are nicely made on those handguns. They use polygonal rifling that plays nicely so long as you do now no longer use unjacketed lead projectiles. Lead can building up over the years withinside the grooves of the rifling and could subsequently make the gun much less accurate.

Buy Glock-17 Online , Equipped with a great barrel and an extended sight radius for the length, you could get exceptional accuracy out of a Gock 17.


Buy Glock-17 Online , Glocks have usually been enormously clean to maintain. Field stripping is effortlessly carried out and the technique takes much less than a minute.

There are a ton of o.e.m alternatives to be had for those pistols. The sky (and budget) is the restrict to the opportunities of what you could do to personalize and make it your own.


No Accessory Rails

It wasn’t till the third-gen Glocks that the accent rail became brought so if lasers and lighting are something you want to have in your pistol then this gun isn’t for you.


As noted previously, the magazines aren’t metallic strengthened and might warp getting trapped withinside the magwell. I could propose choosing up a few more modern magazines in an effort to remedy this trouble.

Being an older version there’s not anything withinside the manner of ambidexterity so lefties aren’t gonna have an excellent time looking to use all of the controls.


Older Glocks have a completely blocky experience in my fingers and aren’t very ergonomically snug. On pinnacle of that, the feel of the palm swells on the primary and 2nd era receives slippery while moist which could substantially have an effect on usability.

Thankfully the gen 2s brought a greater competitive texture to the back and front of the body however it isn’t till RTF2 gen three that we get greater texturing at the palm.

Who Uses the Glock 17?

The Glock 17 is used global through diverse navy and regulation enforcement agencies. It sees greater use than some other pistol in carrier roles because of all of the execs noted previously.

The Safe Action System

Buy Glock-17 Online, The secure movement device on a Glock pistol has 3 separate safeties that every one characteristic independently from one another. The safeties are as follows:

A cause protection

A firing pin protection

A drop protection

The brought gain of this device is that with the usage of a striker there’s a regular cause pull all through the direction of hearthplace.

What end is used at the Glock 17 Gen 2?

Buy Glock-17 Online, Both first and 2nd-era Glocks used parkerizing because the end. Parkerizing is a phosphate conversion coating this is used on tough textured metallic and offers a matte texture.


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