12 gauge sabot slugs

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Hornady 12ga Slug w/Sabot 300gr FTX /5 Mfg# 8623

It’s only natural that the proven performance of Hornady’s SST bullet enter the world of shotgun hunting. This slug allows you to bring unheard of accuracy and terminal performance to slug-only areas. The super-accurate SST bullet delivers sub-2 inch groups at 100 yards and the flattest trajectory on the market. Designed for use in fully rifled barrels only. 12 gauge sabot slugs 2022


– Type: Slug
– Ounces: 300 grains
– Muzzle Velocity: 2000 fps


– Gauge: 12 GA
– Length: 2 3/4
– Rounds/box: 5 Rounds Per Box, 50 Boxes Per Case No risk, lifetime warranty.

Hornady SST Shotgun Slugs feature patented Flex Tip technology. Take the proven performance of Hornady’s super-accurate patented bullet and transform your favorite rifled barrel slug gun into a firearm that outperforms some centerfire rifles. In both 12 gauge and the 20 gauge cartridges, Hornady SST Shotgun Slugs deliver sub-2″ groups at 100 yards and feature the flattest trajectory on the market. Accurate at extended ranges, this ammunition is perfect for those who choose to hunt with a shotgun. Designed specifically for rifled barrels.

Made In United States of America

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

What is a 12 gauge sabot slugs?

Sabot slugs – pronounced “SAY-BO” – are the improved and technologically superior brother of rifled slugs, because they simply offer more accuracy and longer range from a shotgun, typically with a rifled barrel. … The sabot shotgun slug wasn’t designed for a rifled shotgun barrel. 12 gauge sabot slugs 2022

Are sabot slugs better than rifled slugs?

Accuracy – while the rifled slugs (Foster & Brenneke) are accurate for their design, sabot slugs win this comparison hands down. Because of their design with the plastic cylinder, the barrel rifling creates a much more stable trajectory that increases the accuracy and effective distance. Optics Ammunition Shop

2 reviews for 12 gauge sabot slugs

  1. Luke lime

    When I saw these, was quick to order and the order was delivered almost as fast!
    Wish they were listed again.

  2. Wilson limber

    I purchase this 5.7×28 ammo for my Ruger 57 this ammo shoots great I would buy more but no store has any!!!!

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